One Flock, One Shepherd [DVD: English]

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We are a single flock under the care of a single shepherd. There can be no separate Church for persons with disabilities.”

Welcome and Justice for Persons with Disabilities,
1998 statement of the U.S. Bishops

In this DVD, Mary Anne Russo, Associate Director of the Ministry with Persons with Special Needs for the Diocese of Rockville Centre, explores various ways in which this call to break down barriers to inclusion in our parishes can be heeded. She encourages us to extend the hospitality of Jesus in practical ways so that all persons with developmental disabilities and physical challenges can be included in parish life.

Advocates Sheila and Jim McHale explain their roles in encouraging full inclusion of persons with disabilities in their parish. Rob Pipia demonstrates how, when physical barriers are broken down, full participation in ministry becomes a possibility. A ramp to the sanctuary gives him access to the ambo where he can proclaim the Word of God during the Liturgy. Michael Smith shows how, by using the gifts of all, including those with developmental disabilities, we can come to belong more deeply to a Church which reflects the welcoming hospitality of its founder.